Retirement planning is not just about superannuation – it’’s about having the financial freedom and peace of mind to choose how you’d like to spend your time.

Managing the transition period leading up to retirement is important so you get the most out of your last years of employment income, including all of the taxation benefits.

Find Retirement works with industry fund clients approaching retirement to help them understand how to best use their money so they can minimise their tax liabilities while continuing to build their wealth for retirement.

We create simply retirement plans that you can easily understand.  As such, we charge low fees to establish your pensions and charge a low fixed ongoing fee to manage your situation. 

You can choose from the following options:

  1. Basic Plan: Roll over your super and establish a pension.  You tell us how much you want each year to cover your expenses.  Cost $3500.
  2. Advanced plan: Roll over your super to establish a pension.  Includes budgeting, simply modelling, and maximising government benefits.  Cost $4500 
  3. Comprehensive Plan: Roll over your super to establish pension.  Includes budgeting, future goal planning, complex modelling where property and other assets are involved, and maximising government pensions.  Cost $6600

With each plan we provide an ongoing service.  We prepare detailed six monthly reports that include our investment recommendations e.g. which shares or investments to purchase when your cash account builds up.

We don’t believe in charging percentage based fees for our advice.  You are in control of your own money.  The only way we get paid is when you sign an Ad Hoc Fee form every six months after we have done the work.  Our fees are fixed.  Regardless how much you have in your super or pension accounts, we charge the same fixed fee to all clients.

We also help people plan:

  • Establishing retirement income streams
  • Helping you manage the transition years
  • Investment advice to ensure that your affairs are structured prudently and you can sleep at night
  • Estate planning and intergenerational wealth transfer

As well as retirement planning, Find Retirement are also specialists in SMSF advice, superannuation advice, personal insurances, wealth creation and tax preparation.

Take control of your future by making an appointment with a Find Retirement today.