Our Fees are affordable so that you don’t have to miss out on good advice!

At Find Retirement, we have made it affordable for you to obtain advice; appropriate advice that you need at the most important time of your life – retirement.
Below is an example of how much we can save our clients in fees.  For most people with a super fund balance of $200,000, they are paying over 1% in fees.  Whereas, we can reduce that done to below 0.5%.  Those savings can help pay for our advice and/or go towards future goals you might have e.g. that overseas trip.

Find Retirement

Find Retirement was established to help members of industry funds and other APRA regulated funds, to access high quality, value for money, personal financial advice.  We are a leader in providing affordable, fee-for-service, financial planning advice, and we care about your financial future.

Who can we provide advice to?

Whilst we can provide advice to almost all Australians, we have made a decision to specialise in working with members of industry funds that have partnered with us.  If you are with a non-industry fund and wish to move across, we can help you do that as well.

Why see a Financial Adviser?

Whether your retirement seems far away, around the corner or in your recent past, the sooner you start planning, the more likely you will be able to achieve what’s important to you.

Your Find Retirement Financial Adviser will help you understand your current position, determine what your goals are; looking specifically at your superannuation and retirement planning needs, including:

  • Determining if you’re on track to having enough super to fund your desired retirement lifestyle.
  • Taking advantage of the various options and strategies available to boost your super – but keeping it simply to understand.
  • Creating a complete retirement solution, by exploring the Age Pension, Annuities, and how other benefits from Centrelink work, and what can be done to maximise these.
  • Determining if your current investment strategy is appropriate for your personal situation, needs and tolerance to risk.
  • Ensuring that all of your assets, investments, debts and insurances are structured correctly.

Find Retirement Financial Advisers have the expertise and ethics to ensure your finances are in safe hands.

How much does financial advice cost?

As a valued member of an industry fund, you are entitled to an initial phone consultation with a Find Retirement Financial Adviser, without any obligation and at no cost to you.  Only general advice will be provided during these consultations – no personal advice will be included or provided.

After the initial consultation has been completed, we will email you our cost agreement and Fee Matrix.  Once signed and you become a client of Find Retirement, we then go to work and help you find retirement with ease.

Find Retirement operates on a fee-for-service basis when it comes to providing Super and Retirement advice.   Our fees are very competitive in the marketplace and are fixed – we don’t charge a percentage based on your investments and we don’t charge more if you have more investments in place.  You can expect our fees to range between $3000 – $5000 per year depending on your situation.

VIDEO: More about our Fees